★★★★ ‘One of the funniest, goofiest, most ideas-stuffed cartoons in decades… genuinely, deeply funny.’ Time Out London

‘I love what Astley Baker Davies do. It’s so English! Gentle, subtle, clever, beautiful and extraordinarily funny. From The Hill Farm to The Big Knights to Peppa Pig they’ve always found a tone that respects and charms their audience.’ Peter Lord, co-founder Aardman Animations

In the far off land of Borovia, where dragons are fierce, witches are wicked, scientists are insane, the economy is bad and television is in black & white, stands Castle Big, home of The Big Knights…

Run for your lives! Join us for the adventures of Sir Boris (the finest swordsman in the World), Sir Morris (not the finest swordsman in the World, but the most enthusiastic) and their noble pets, Sir Horace the Dog and Sir Doris the Hamster. From the makers of Peppa Pig, this animation is hilarious, raucous and chivalrous!



The brother of Sir Morris and the finest swordsman in the World. An honest, upstanding citizen of Borovia, in an arrogant, aristocratic sort of way.


Enthusiastic, well intentioned and completely stupid – a combination more terrifying than a loose cannon. Loves nothing more than a right rollicking clash of swords and is a keen propagator of total mayhem.


Sir Boris’ armour-plated pet dog. His keen intelligence and fine-tuned sense of smell assist The Big Knights on the quests. Unfortunately Horace is unable to communicate with them but the viewer gets to know what he’s thinking through thought bubbles.


Sir Morris’ armour-plated pet hamster. Doris’ only thought in life is for food. Pies, hams, roasts, bicycles… nothing even remotely edible is safe when Doris is hungry.

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The Big Knights are galloping to a cinema near you shortly. See where the film is playing and find out where you can join in at exclusive workshops themed around the exploits of Sir Boris and Sir Morris!

23rd October 2015 onwards  Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

23rd October 2015 onwards  Quad Derby + iPad animation workshop

23rd October 2015 onwards Watershed, Bristol + animation workshop

14th-15th November – Vue Cinemas nationwide

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Watch our Trailer

Watch our Trailer