The brother of Sir Morris and the finest swordsman in the World. An honest, upstanding citizen of Borovia, in an arrogant, aristocratic sort of way.


Enthusiastic, well intentioned and completely stupid – a combination more terrifying than a loose cannon. Loves nothing more than a right rollicking clash of swords and is a keen propagator of total mayhem.


Sir Boris’ armour-plated pet dog. His keen intelligence and fine-tuned sense of smell assist The Big Knights on the quests. Unfortunately Horace is unable to communicate with them but the viewer gets to know what he’s thinking through thought bubbles.


Sir Morris’ armour-plated pet hamster. Doris’ only thought in life is for food. Pies, hams, roasts, bicycles… nothing even remotely edible is safe when Doris is hungry.


A Parsimonious, arrogant, bumptious single parent and King of Borovia. He is easily manipulated by his two daughters, the Princesses Lucy & Loretta.

Princesses Lucy & Loretta

King Otto’s daughters. Always keen for adventure, and great admirers of the Big Knights.

Wizard Zabobon

The ancient court wizard, employed by King Otto. He is thousands of years old and doesn’t like anything to do with the modern world. He is also quite smelly, surrounded by flies, and always speaks his mind…and he quite likes cheese.

Queen Melissa

The fabulously rich ruler of the neighbouring kingdom of Moridia.

There is a rumour that some time in the past, she was married to King Otto…


Sisters Faith, Hope & Charity

Teachers and guardians to the Princesses Lucy & Loretta. They are very nervous when The Big Knights are around.

Professor von Proton

The brilliant but dangerously insane genius. The finest mind in Borovia. When designing his inventions, safety is not his primary concern.

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